Who does what?

Each Al-Anon Family Groups meeting will include a number of group officers. These are ordinary members who have been elected to serve the group. By rotating these roles between members, everybody can have the privilege to serve the group.

All Al-Anon groups, no matter how small, should elect at least a Group Representative, a Chairman and/or a Secretary. They may also choose to elect a Treasurer and Programme Chairperson.

Group Representative (GR)

Elected Group Representatives form a link between an Al-Anon Group and the wider Al‑Anon Family Groups network. The GR's term of office is usually three years. His or her responsibilities include:

  • Representing your group at District meetings and Area Assemblies and reporting back.
  • Informing the group about developments within Al-Anon Family Groups.
  • Reading out correspondence from the General Service Office (GSO).
  • Providing GSO with the Current Mailing Address (CMA) of the group. This is either their own name and address or that of another willing Al-Anon member.
  • Ensuring the Annual Record Check Form is completed.


The elected Chair's term of office is usually between three months and a year. His or her responsibilities include:

  • Opening group meetings with a moment's silence.
  • Reading the Suggested Welcome and/or Preamble.
  • Closing group meetings with the Suggested Closing and leading the Serenity Prayer.
  • Introducing weekly speakers and announcing the topic.
  • Encouraging all members to share.
  • Chairing the group conscience meeting.
  • Taking on the duties of the Programme Chairman if the group doesn't have one.


The elected Secretary's term of office is usually for 12 months. His or her responsibilities include:

  • Handling any group correspondence.
  • Ordering Conference Approved Literature (CAL) following group consultation.
  • Notifying GSO of any changes to the meeting details.
  • Making any announcements.
  • Keeping a confidential list of names and numbers should the group decide to do so.
  • To act as Treasurer until the Group elects one.


The elected Treasurer's term of office is usually for 12 months with elections held at a different time to the Secretary elections. The Treasurer's responsibilities include:

  • Collecting, looking after and disbursing group funds.
  • Organising the group collection.
  • Asking another person to count and record the collection.
  • Recording receipts and expenditure.
  • Submitting financial statements.
  • Paying group expenses (including rent; GR travel costs for when they attend District Meetings and Area Assemblies; speaker travel costs; District and Area contributions; refreshments and group literature).
  • Contributing to the General Fund at the GSO.
  • Ensuring only sufficient funds to meet the group's needs are held. 

Programme Chairperson 

The elected Programme Chairperson's term of office usually lasts for one, three or six months. His or her duties include:

  • Planning meetings and arranging speakers in good time.
  • Inviting speakers from within the group or other Al-Anon Groups.
  • Informing the group about future topics and speakers.

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