What to expect at a meeting

We understand that you may be full of questions ahead of your first Al-Anon meeting. Here is what you can expect.

Expect to meet people from different walks of life all united through a common bond: a challenging relationship with a drinker. They may be a relative, a colleague or a friend to someone who drinks. 

Although shared experiences may be common, each member will have a unique perspective on the problem of dealing with alcoholism. If you keep an open mind, you are likely to hear something you can identify with, which will help you move forward.

We Don't Advise or Judge

In Al-Anon we do not offer advice on how you can help the drinker to change their behaviour. It can take a while to truly understand that Al-Anon is for your benefit alone, to help you deal with the effects of someone else's drinking. That's why we recommend you attend at least six meetings before you decide if Al-Anon is for you.

Whatever your story, you can expect to be warmly welcomed and not judged or pressurised in any way. Al-Anon meetings are designed to help members to come together and find the strength to solve their own problems.

We also have a wealth of inspirational Al-Anon literature to help you gain understanding to provide additional support. 


Your anonymity is protected by using first names only. You will not be asked to reveal your surname or any other details about your identity or that of the drinker. Anything discussed within an Al-Anon meeting is treated as confidential, including your presence at the meeting.

The Unexpected

Often, the most rewarding parts of the Al-Anon experience are those you didn't expect. These include those moments of peace, calm, self-confidence and clarity that give you hope for the future. 

In Al-Anon, you could find the space and time for you to change your own life for the better.

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