What does Al-Anon do?

Al-Anon Family Groups offers free and inclusive meetings for the benefit of the relatives and friends of drinkers.

Al-Anon members provide one another with mutual support, by sharing their experiences with each other. We also offer literature about various aspects of alcoholism and the Al-Anon principles, which include the Twelve Steps. Many Al-Anon members choose to apply these principles in their own lives but there is never any pressure to do so.


Your anonymity is protected by using first names only. You will not be asked to reveal your surname or any other details about your identity or that of the drinker. Anything discussed within an Al-Anon meeting is treated as confidential, including your presence at the meeting.

Public information

Al-Anon also helps to raise awareness of the problems associated with alcoholism. We do this by welcoming professionals to open meetings and providing information to researchers and the media. This also helps to spread the word about Al-Anon so that we can reach more people who need help dealing with their relationship with a drinker.

Al-Anon provides solidarity and hope. For those who have been affected by someone else's drinking and don't know where to turn, our door is always open and our welcome always warm.

Al-Anon Helpline

  • Talk to a member in confidence
  • 7 days a week
  • Free phone

0800 0086 811

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