Welcoming Young Members into Al-Anon where there is no Alateen meeting

Recommendations for Welcoming Young Members into Al-Anon where there is no Alateen meeting

Young people over the age of 12 are Al-Anon members and are welcome to attend Al-Anon meetings in accordance with Tradition 5.

Children below the age of 12 are not considered as participating Al-Anon members. If the Group Conscience is in agreement, they may sit in on the Al-Anon group but
must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

When a young member is present, Al-Anon members should, to the best of their ability, maintain an atmosphere that will protect the young member from physical and emotional harm

It is advisable for adult members to avoid one-to-one contact with young members outside meetings.

Particular care should be taken to ensure that the young member understands and respects the tradition of the fellowship regarding anonymity.

Young people should be encouraged to seek parental permission to attend Al-Anon meetings.

If abuse is disclosed by a young person in an Al-Anon meeting please contact GSO for advice.

Please note:  

Suspension of Alateen and young persons attending Al-Anon meetings in Eire.

Unfortunately, due to legal requirements, Al-Anon has had to make the difficult decision to suspend Alateen and to extend that suspension to include anyone under the age of 18 attending Al-Anon meetings in Eire. We are working hard with the statutory authorities to see if we can find a way for Al-Anon to meet the child protection and Garda vetting requirements.

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