Treasurer's Appeal

Treasurer's Appeal - delivered at Conference 2018

Dear Friends

You will read on page 112 of the UK & Eire Service Manual that it is traditional for the Treasurer to make an annual appeal for donations at Conference and by Group mailing.  It also asks that the Treasurer’s letter is read out at two consecutive meetings.

I am very keen that the role finance plays is understood by the fellowship and that asking for donations should not be accompanied with an apology.  Instead we should be celebrating all the good we are doing.

The Al-Anon Declaration tells us that ‘When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen always be there, and - Let It Begin with Me’.

The most common way that people reach out to us, is through our helpline, website and other sources of social media.  We are fortunate that so many people are willing to give their time and talents so freely and this generosity means our costs are kept as low as possible but there are still costs. Line rental, domain names, licenses, copyright fees and keeping up to date with changes in information technology all need funding.

Our wonderful volunteers keep staffing to a minimum but we still need a core of experienced employed staff to ensure that bills are paid, Conference is organized and literature sent out.

Maintaining our database of Groups, so new people can turn up at the right place at the right time, buying Group insurance in case of accident or a damage claim, fulfilling our legal requirements as a charity, all need to be paid for.

Could I ask you all to take some time to consider how you can help support Al-Anon financially? The gift of recovery is priceless, so let’s ensure that we are able to offer it to all who come and don’t forget Let It Begin with Me.

Kind regards

Angela L


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