Teachers are often the first to become aware of students affected by drinking in the family home.

Signposting students to Al-Anon Family Groups can help them to find support free them to focus on their academic work.

Alcoholism is a family disease and it can leave young students feeling they don't have a safe and secure home that is conducive to study.

Are you concerned about the home life of one of your students?

Has a student openly admitted to being upset or disrupted by another person's drink problem? Perhaps a student has been struggling with their performance and you suspect there is alcoholism in their home.

By signposting them to Al-Anon, they could find the support and hope they need to turn things around.

Free, anonymous support for students affected by another's drinking

Al-Anon meetings are free and all members will protect the anonymity of any students attending. Should they decide to talk about their problems, everything they say will be treated as confidential.

Supporting your pastoral care programme

Al-Anon meetings can support student pastoral care programmes, providing a safe space where students can talk openly in confidence or just sit and listen to those who may be experiencing similar problems. Showing the way to Al-Anon may help students receive the support and strength needed to improve their situation and academic performance.

Do you need more information?

Al-Anon provides a number of 'open' meetings. These extend a welcome to teachers, senior school staff and other professionals. Open meetings help professionals to truly understand how Al-Anon works so that they can signpost people with confidence.

Is a student or family member's drinking affecting you?

If a student, colleague or family member's drinking is having a negative impact on your life, please come along to one of our meetings to find out if Al-Anon members can support you through your problems.

Email Al-Anon at enquiries@al-anonuk.org.uk for more information.

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