Resolving problems

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Al-Anon's Traditions explain how the wellbeing of members depends upon the wellbeing of the group as a whole. 

If any group is experiencing problems, these will be resolved by referring to the Twelve Traditions in the first instance.

Further help may be sought from the Al-Anon Family Groups Service Manual (Part 3: Policy Digest) or by holding a Group conscience meeting.

If the Group is still unable to resolve the problem, it may be referred to the District Representative, Area Delegate or GSO, whose role is to refer the issue to those in the best position to help. 

Points to bear in mind during Group meetings:

  • Anonymity must be preserved at all times. 
  • A member's telephone number should not be passed to a third party without the member's express consent. 
  • Anything discussed within a meeting is confidential and should not be mentioned outside of the Group.
  • No one member's voice should dominate discussions.
  • Criticism of the alcoholic is discouraged.
  • We avoid gossip, criticism and discussing religion.
  • Members will be given the space to work through their own issues without pressure or persuasion from others.
  • Group meetings usually end with the Closing and Serenity Prayer.

No fees should be charged but it is customary to organise a voluntary collection.

Al-Anon Helpline

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  • 7 days a week
  • Free phone

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