Al-Anon Family Groups is a community resource to which professionals can refer clients for support if they are dealing with a problem drinker 

 Click here for a list of Open meetings.

For every problem drinker, it is estimated that at least five other people are adversely affected. Treating the drinker without also helping the family can often make the treatment less effective.

Al-Anon is confidential, non-religious, non-political, non-discriminatory, non-professional and self-supporting (we accept no outside funding).

There are over 24,000 meetings worldwide.  For more information you can call our admin line on 020 7593 2070 or email enquiries@al‑


Information Sheet 

This Information Sheet has been written for professionals and anyone who may be interested in finding out about the support Al-Anon Family Groups can provide. Permission is granted to download it from our website.

Al-Anon Family Groups support the families and friends of problem drinkers.

This is achieved by attending meetings, reading Al-Anon literature and receiving comfort by identifying with members who understand the difficulties of being affected by someone else’s drinking.  Members of Al-Anon have all been at that difficult place in their lives but gradually find they are able to make life a more tolerable and even happy experience.

Anyone who has been affected by someone else’s drinking can attend an Al-Anon meeting and they will always be made most welcome.  There are around 800 groups throughout the UK and Eire.  No membership fees are required, Al-Anon is self supporting through its members own voluntary contributions.

Alateen (for younger members 12-17) is available in some towns and cities but where there is no Alateen meeting they are also most welcome to attend an Al-Anon Family Group.  Details of Alateen meetings can only be obtained by telephoning our General Service Office on 020 7593 2070.

If you would like a local phone number so that you can speak to a member before attending a meeting, please contact the National Helpline (below) between 10.00 am and 10.00 pm.

Many Al-Anon groups hold ‘open’ meetings for anyone who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the support Al-Anon can provide.  Details of these meetings can be found on our website.

Also available on our website is a variety of podcasts.  These personal sharings from Al‑Anon/Alateen members give a first hand account of their close association with a problem drinker and how Al-Anon/Alateen has helped them.

If you are a professional, who through your work could make Al-Anon known to your clients, or if you are someone who may just need help and support because you are struggling to cope with a loved one’s drinking problem, please consider attending an Al‑Anon Family Group.  You will find support from understanding and non-judgemental people willing to listen and share their own experiences with you, offering much needed hope.

NATIONAL HELPLINE NUMBER: 020 7403 0888 – available 10am-10pm 365 days a year

What are Open Meetings?

Some groups hold Open Meetings so that professionals can have an opportunity to experience an Al-Anon Family Group meeting.

Open meetings are often attended by both members of Al-Anon and members of Alcoholics Anonymous.  They also provide an opportunity for health workers and other  professionals to attend and hear how families have experienced recovery from the effects of alcoholism in their lives. Click here for a list of Open meetings.