PI Monthly Focus Calendar 2019

January/February 2020 Monthly Focus Calendar

Let’s get organised for 2020. Here are some awareness dates which Al-Anon could get involved in. Starting with Dry January; this is a perfect opportunity to do PI as the media will already have their attention on the effects of alcohol. All you have to do is shift the attention from the drinker to the families and friends.

February focuses on Children of Alcoholics Week (9th – 11th) organised by NACOA. Have you been affected by a parent’s drinking? Were your children affected by a partner’s drinking? February is the perfect time to share your story. Why not contact professionals (e.g. GPs and other health professionals, universities and local media) in your local area and let them know your story and how Al‑Anon has helped you or your children.

Do you have an Alateen meeting in your area? Perhaps you could do some Alateen PI. Target schools, teachers and youth clubs and let them know that there is a local Alateen meeting available for children affected by someone’s drinking. Ask if you could give out some information at their school assembly, if you could man a stand or if you could visit to give a presentation about Alateen.

Some useful literature if you’re going to a school –

UK 68 Youth and the Alcoholic Parent

UK 71 Facts about Al-Anon and Alateen

UK 82 Is Someone's Drinking Getting to You?


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