As a GP, nurse, doctor or another medical professional, you will have seen the negative effects alcohol has on the family members and friends connected with alcoholics.

Extending support to the family members of alcoholics

Al-Anon Family Groups provides a free and supportive environment for anyone affected by the drinking of somebody else, regardless of whether the drinker is still in their lives.

Although alcoholics may turn to Alcoholics Anonymous or rehab or even end up in a hospital bed, their families and friends often have to cope with their problems alone. Given the limited time and opportunity for medical professionals to help family members, Al-Anon is a valuable resource. Signposting to an Al-Anon meeting gives those affected by someone else's drinking access to comfort, hope and support.

Do you need more information?

Al-Anon holds a number of 'open' meetings. These extend a welcome to GPs, nurses and other medical professionals. Open meetings help professionals to truly understand how Al-Anon works so that they can refer people with confidence.

Signposting to Al-Anon can be the start of a turning point in the lives of suffering friends and relatives of drinkers.

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