The media, including newspapers, TV, radio and the internet play an important role in spreading the message of support and hope to those whose lives have been afflicted by alcoholism.

Al-Anon Family Groups welcomes and appreciates the attention of the media.

As a fellowship of members who are all friends and families of alcoholics, Al-Anon is a useful source for any media outlet looking to understand and raise awareness of alcoholism.

Interviewing Al-Anon members

We are usually happy to co-operate with journalists and other media professionals as it helps to raise awareness of the effects of drinking on family members and also the existence of Al-Anon meetings.

Please contact us if you need us to arrange an interview with an Al-Anon member. We will ask you to respect our members' anonymity and Al-Anon’s public relations policy by ensuring that the full name and/or photographs of the member interviewed are not published. First names or a pseudonym may be used.

Press releases and public information

In addition to member interviews, we can provide information and insight via our press releases, podcasts, videos, and survey results. For help in locating what you need, please contact us.

Do you need more information?

Al-Anon provides a number of 'open' meetings. These extend welcome to editors, journalists and other media professionals. Open meetings provide an ideal forum for truly understanding the work Al-Anon does and how our organisation helps the families and friends of problem drinkers. For details please email: 

Are you being affected by a friend or family member's drinking?

Have you been drawn to writing about alcoholism due to your own personal experiences? Perhaps you grew up with a drinker in the family or have a friend who’s drinking concerns you.

If you feel you may have been negatively affected by a problem drinker, even if they are no longer around, consider coming along to an Al-Anon meeting.

Al-Anon recognises how the media provide a powerful channel for reaching those people who may not have heard of us. By working together effectively, we can help more people to find comfort and strength.

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