There are many reasons why counsellors and therapists might feel it appropriate to refer patients to Al-Anon.

Whether you provide individual, couples or family therapy, consider the benefits your troubled patients might gain from attending an Al-Anon group.

Al-Anon may complement family and relationships work

Attending Al-Anon Family Group meetings can complement the work done with one-to-one counselling and provide a forum in which the person is encouraged to attend to their own needs rather than those of the alcoholic.

Al-Anon does not provide counselling or therapy. However, you may find that the support and understanding your clients receive in Al-Anon meetings has a positive effect on the outcome of their therapy.

Al-Anon members share a common experience

All Al-Anon members will have experience of trying to cope with a relative's or friend's alcoholism. This can help those of your clients in a similar situation to feel understood and accepted. If you feel it is appropriate, consider pointing the way to a local Al-Anon meeting.

A free and confidential source of support

Al-Anon group meetings are free and take only voluntary donations, from members, to pay for group expenses and literature. Anything they choose to talk about in a meeting will be treated as strictly confidential.

Do you need more information?

Al-Anon provides a number of 'open' meetings. These extend welcome to counsellors, therapists and other professionals. Open meetings can help professionals to truly understand the work Al-Anon does to help the friends and relatives of problem drinkers.

Is a client or family member's drinking affecting you?

Like anyone, counsellors can be deeply affected by a relative or friend's drinking. If you feel you need support in coping with a problem drinker in your life, please consider attending an Al-Anon meeting yourself.

Al-Anon can provide extra support for those of your clients who are struggling to cope with another's drinking. Email Al-Anon for more information.

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