Conference Summary

Conference Summary and Finance Appendix

The Function of the Al-Anon Service Conference Summary

The Summary is produced to inform members of what transpired at Conference and more importantly to make them aware of the decisions taken at Conference.

The Content Headers of the Summary are usually the same:

  • Opening of Conference
  • Annual Reports of the Service Arms
  • Current Concerns Questions (Questions of current concern sent in by the Areas for discussion at Conference. It is important to understand that the opinions expressed during the discussions are strictly opinions, they are not Al-Anon policy)
  • Budgets (included with the Summary as an appendix)
  • Presentations (These are presentations given by the Service Arms)
  • Spiritual speakers
  • Trustee Appointments (Traditional Approval of Regional Trustees and Trustees at Large)
  • Ask-It-Basket (Questions raised by Conference members)
  • Close of Conference
  • List of Motions
  • Acronyms used at Conference.

There is also a map showing the six Regions in the Al-Anon UK & Eire structure, and the number of areas in each Region.

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