The Untold Story Campaign


Click on each illustration to read the full untold story behind the picture. #untoldstory

For every person with a drinking problem, it's estimated that at least five of their friends and family are affected by their alcoholic behaviour, however these stories are rarely told in the media and in films, TV and fiction. 

Our new campaign 'The Untold Story', is launching during Alcohol Awareness Week to highlight that although the problems associated with alcoholism are widely recognised, the friends and family of problem drinkers often live every day with uncertainty, deceit, and in some cases violence or emotional and physical abuse and may need support themselves – this is the untold story of alcoholism. #untoldstory or #untoldstory & #alanonuk

Real Stories

Every one of these illustrations tells a real untold story of how someone's life has been affected by alcoholic behaviour, and how finding Al-Anon has helped them find some peace and hope in their lives. All names have been changed. 

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