FAQs Alateen

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What is Alateen?

Alateen is a part of Al-Anon. It is for teenagers aged from 12 to 17 whose lives have been affected by someone’s drinking, usually a parent. Meetings are run on the same lines as Al-Anon meetings.

Who runs Alateen meetings?

The members of the group run the meetings, but all Alateen meetings are attended by two Screened Group Sponsors to assist in running the meetings.

How do I find a meeting?

There are a limited number of meetings, mainly in large cities. You can get this information by calling us.

Can I get information about Alateen for a young person in my care?

If an adult calls the helpline on behalf of a young person, we will first suggest that the young person calls us themselves. We will suggest giving the website details to them so they can look up their nearest Al-Anon Family Group meeting, if there is no Alateen meeting available.

Is there any other service Alateen provides for teenagers?

We have a range of Alateen literature available for sale. You may find these pamphlets of particular help:

  • Alateen for Young People Affected by Other People’s Drinking
  • Alcoholism, The Family Disease
  • Youth and the Alcoholic Parent
  • Al-Anon Sharings from Adult Children