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What is Alateen?

Alateen is for teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics. Alateen is part of Al-Anon.

We believe alcoholism is a family disease that affects everyone in the family. Alateen meetings are attended by 12-17 year olds. They meet to share their experiences of having, or having had, a problem drinker in their lives. They help and support each other.

By attending meetings, young people gain an understanding of the illness and feel the benefits of realising they are not alone. They learn that they did not cause this problem and that they are not responsible for their relative’s or friend’s drinking or behaviour. By sharing their experiences, they find solutions to their problems and hope for the future.

For Alateen meetings, phone the General Service Office on 020 7593 2070

Alateen was started in 1957 by a teenager in California whose father was in AA and whose mother was in Al-Anon.

Alateen is not for teenage alcoholics, unless their lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking.
Each Alateen meeting is sponsored by two experienced Al-Anon members who are screened and cleared to work with young people by the Criminal Records Bureau in England and Wales.  There are a limited number of Alateen groups in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and none in Scotland. 

We have a range of literature for teenagers available from the on-line shop.

My story...

“The meetings help us a lot because we can feel like we aren’t alone, that there are people with the same problems as us. We may think that when we have an alcoholic as a family member or close friend that we are the only ones but through Alateen we come to realise that there are other people. In the meetings we get to share our feelings and listen to how others got through the problems we are having. Listening to people sharing how they got over the problems we may be experiencing at the moment shows us that it won’t last forever.”

“I think that people should really try and bring their children to Alateen because it really turns their lives around for the best, not just at home but it changes their school and social lives too. “

“We have two sponsors from the Al-Anon rooms sit in our meetings and they mostly are with us to make sure that we keep on focus and use the time well but they also share. From what the Al-Anon sponsors share it gives us a view on what it’s like from an adults perspective and that we aren’t different to the Al-Anons. I can’t stress how grateful we are for the sponsors; we wouldn’t have our Alateen meetings if the sponsors didn’t volunteer to use their time to sit in our meetings. We really love having the sponsors with us and they help us get the best out of Alateen.”

My story...

“Alateen has been a vital part of making me who I am today. When I first started Alateen I was very quiet and kept to myself mostly. But now through Alateen I have found myself and become someone I would have never even dreamed I would have become. I am loud and out there and I have the confidence to actually say yes to doing things I would not have even considered before Alateen. When you feel the love and acceptance from fellow Alateens you realise that you can be whoever you want and still be loved. My best and closest friends I met through Alateen and I will always love them and talk to them even though some of them have now turned 18 and left Alateen. I keep coming back because I one day want to be able to help the new Alateens and show them how much love and care there is in the programme like my old Alateens showed me. Thank you”